Daring Statement 2006

Uniting Network Daring Conference 2006

Daring to Celebrate Relationships

Perth 9-12 June 2006

Daring 2006, with its theme of “Celebrating Relationships”, took place in the context of a widespread community debate about the legal recognition of same-sex relationships. It also took place at a critical time in the life of the Uniting Church one month before the Eleventh Assembly which will consider the Church’s position on the ministry of gay and lesbian people. In this context, we dare to make the following affirmations of our faith in God and our hopes for justice for all people regardless of their gender identity and sexuality.

1. We dare to believe in a God who delights in diversity, expressed in the colours of creation and all living beings, and in the many ways human beings relate to and love each other.

2. We believe that human beings, irrespective of their particular sexuality and gender identity, can love and be loved in a life-enhancing manner.

3. We commit ourselves to hope for a world where all loving life-affirming and faithful relationships, regardless of people’s gender identity and sexuality, are supported, valued and celebrated as reflections of God’s love.

4. We draw strength from each other’s courage and honesty, and the generosity of spirit and grace that characterises this openness.

5. We recognise and be empowered in our own experiences of courage.

6. We believe that the church can be a place where the diversity of God’s creativity can be affirmed, celebrated and practiced.

7. We continue to challenge cultural homophobia and heterosexism, and commit to:

* working with state and federal government processes to advocate for just policies, including the right of same-sex couples to have their relationships legally recognised with all the benefits and responsibilities that arise from such recognition;

* working to create safe school environments;

* supporting parents and friends;

* encouraging academic and theological enquiry;

* working together with people from other faith communities; and

* discovering and honouring the inherent spirituality of all human beings.