Our logo explained

The logo was used effectively as a symbol of solidarity at the Uniting Church Assembly, 1997, in Perth and has been the Uniting Network’s logo since that event.

About our Logo

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This was hand rendered by one of our members and represents the multicoloured world from which we come.

An interpretation:

We are drawn together and bound by love and faith, as members of the many and multicoloured threads in the fabric of life and faith.

The graphic pun, “u-(k)nit(t)ing” has been pointed out by many and was probably intentional.

Evolution of the logo:

Our logo derives from the threads image used at the very first Daring Gathering, from which Uniting Network grew. A new rendering was made.

Our logo today – updated May 2018

To best represent and share our hopes with a wider audience inclusive of LGBTI+ people in the Uniting Church of Australia.