Daring Themes

Each Daring has a theme, this is the list of themes from previous Daring Gatherings.

2024: Daring to Hope: 30 years of queering the Uniting Church

2022: Daring to see 360 – Looking in all directions

2020: Daring to Speak

2018: Daring for Full Equality

2016: Daring to reach out – honouring our diversity (Connecting interfaith, CALD and LGBTI communities)

2014: Daring to celebrate – reflections of faith, power and the not so normative

2012: Daring to be family – exploring being families today

2010: Daring to join

2008: Daring to weave our futures with God and God’s people

2006: Daring to celebrate relationships

2004: Daring to embrace diversity: one body in Christ

2002: Daring to Celebrate was the fifth gathering of Uniting Network and was held in Melbourne, Victoria during the long weekend of 7th to 10th, June, 2002. This occasion was auspiced by the Justice and International Mission Unit, Synod of Victoria, Uniting Church in Australia. The event was another significant gathering of God’s queer people and their friends and supporters, daring to celebrate and affirm their individual and collective gifts and their participation in all aspects of Christian life, faith and ministry. The Daring Statement issued June 10 2002, is available for reading

2000: Living to Liberate: Daring 2000 was the fourth gathering of the Uniting Network. It was held on the weekend of June 9-12th, 2000, in the city of Adelaide. Significant contributions were made by Rev. Dr. Anna Grant Henderson in leading us through liberating biblical studies; Alyson Huntley from the United Church of Canada who shared the Canadian experience of change and acceptance; Julie McCrossin, who shared personal stories of gaining liberation; and diverse members of the Uniting Network who contributed to workshops, worship and social events.

1998: Re-imagining Love:Embracing Our Strength was the third “Daring Conference” and gained international attention through the participation of Rev. Dr. Dorothy McRae-McMahon from Australia, Rev. Dr. David Bromell from New Zealand and Rev. Professor Carter Heyward from the United States of America. This gathering of Uniting Network presented a poignant reminder that God’s love embraces us in the middle of our ongoing struggle and strengthens us as we re-imagine our own capacity to love.

1996: Daring to Live: Daring to Move On was held in Melbourne, Victoria. This gathering marked the unity of our spirit and the growth of confidence of Uniting Network as an advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people and their concerns.

1994: Daring to Listen: Daring to Speak was the first “Daring Conference” and was held in Adelaide, South Australia. It was the first national gathering of its kind of any church in Australia, marking the beginning of the Uniting Network as the work of the Spirit within the Christian community. The Conference was significant for developing spirited dialogue in faith between lesbian, bisexual and gay Christians and their friends and supporters.