Uniting Network Australia rejects calls for additional discrimination and call for removal of all discrimination against LGBTIQ people in Australia

Uniting Network, the LGBTIQ network within the Uniting Church of Australia expresses is concern that the full content of the Ruddock Review has not been made public.  Elements were leaked, and Uniting Network provided a position statement on discrimination of LGBTIQ Students and Teachers in educational institutions on 10 October 2018.

Subsequently, further information has been leaked primarily the recommendations.

In response to the general public’s significant disquiet that private and religious schools can discriminate against LGBTIQ students, while the process has been unsettling, we applaud the Prime Minister’s move to eliminate discrimination against LGBTIQ students in all schools.  We call on all State and Territory Premiers and Chief Ministers to urgently follow the lead of the Federal Government an urgently remove any legislative provisions that allow for schools in their area of legislative control discrimination of LGBTIQ Students in schools.

However, we further request that all legislators in Australia also revoke the discrimination of LGBTIQ in all situations.  To this we call on the Federal, State and Territory Governments to:

Removed all discrimination against LGBTIQ students in all school environments;
Remove all discrimination against LGBTIQ teachers and staff in all school environments, including but not limited to hiring and ongoing employment, except in positions where the employee is responsible for teaching the religion or undertaking the role of a religious leader;
Remove all discrimination against LGBTIQ patients and clients in all hospitals, age care facilities and nursing homes;
Remove all discrimination against LGBTIQ staff in all hospitals, age care facilities and nursing homes; and
Undertake a full review with the objective of removing all legislation and regulations that provide opportunities for discrimination against LGBTIQ people, outside of specific religious roles.


We acknowledge the Federal Government’s announcement for significant ongoing funding for Headspace, who provide mental health services for youth and young adults.  We call on all governments to continue and grow mental health funding for the LGBTIQ community who suffer significantly higher rates of suicide attempts and mental health issues than the national average.  To fully address LGBTIQ mental health, this will require effective programs to support anti-bullying of LGBTIQ children in schools and effective age appropriate sex education which encompasses all students, irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity to be delivered in all schools irrespective of the school sector.

For further information contact:

Jason Masters on 0407780110 or uniting.network@gmail.com

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